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We are pleased to announce that we are now working with a local trainer who offers Board and Train programs through Milo's Puppy Boot Camp.  Your puppy will go to their Milo's Puppy Boot Camp trainer at 8 weeks of age and they will keep them from anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending upon the level of training you choose. 



Owners who work or have children or would like a puppy who has caught on to living in a home and what to do and not do, this training program is the minimum recommendation. Your puppy will be started on potty training and will learn the commands for such.  They will also learn some basic commands, such as sit, down and paw along with a number of other useful commands such as OFF, leave it, wait, etc.  They will be introduced to the leash as well.  Puppies will be walked on our property or in safe areas near our home.  Since puppies are not vaccinated fully until 16 weeks, caution needs to be taken to prevent exposure to viruses. 

Many puppies start to develop their confidence at about 10 weeks and also start nipping and jumping at this time, some earlier.  We focus on correcting these so that they do not become a habit as they mature.  Many of the puppies in this program are about 75% potty trained by the time they arrive home and can be left for 4-5 hours in their crate during the day.  However, they are still puppies and will need to be monitored at all times if not crated for night time or naps.

This Degree requires 4 weeks of enrollment at a cost of $2,695.



The Master’s Degree is a continuation of the Bachelor’s Degree with more focus on leash work, playing independently, socialization outside the home, continued potty training, as well as some advanced commands.  As your puppy matures, trusting him/her with more space within the home is crucial.  There are many temptations such as getting into things they should not, counter surfing, and testing the waters in how far they can push an owner as far as behaviors.  We work on these continually.  As each week goes by, different bad habits show themselves and being there to correct immediately is very important. 

This Degree requires 6 weeks of enrollment at a cost of $3,595.



Our PHD Degree is our most popular program.  By the age of 4 months, your puppy should be 95% potty and crate trained, as well as proficient at basic commands, walking calmly on leash, not nipping or biting, and can be trusted to be in your home with a moderate amount of supervision.  Your puppy will come home to their new family with all he/she needs to have a great start on life and with owners having the ability to thoroughly enjoy their new puppy (yes, they are still puppies) but without all of the headaches of the first two months. 

This Degree requires 8 weeks of enrollment at a cost of $4,295.



Our Professorial Degree is the highest level of training that we offer.  At the age of 5 months, your puppy will be proficient in all of the above.  In addition, your puppy will have had all of the basic vaccines (included in training cost).  Your puppy will be able to go on excursions to areas where other dogs may be, outdoor restaurants (weather permitting), local stores, and if local, will have multiple visits with their owners. Your puppy will also be groomed professionally (included in training cost).  This program is optimal for busy professionals. 

This Degree requires 12 weeks of enrollment at a cost of $6,195.

If you are interested in having your puppy attend Milo's Boot Camp please contact them directly using the link below and tell them Westfields Labradoodles sent you. 

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