All of our litters are fully reserved through 2021.  We are taking reservations for our litters expected to be born in the spring or summer of 2022.   Contact me for an application if you would like to apply.  (If your application is accepted and you place a deposit for a 2022 litter you will also be placed on the waiting list for my earlier litters and will be contacted if I have availability.) Thank you for your interest. 

Ruby and Gallagher had three precious pups born on December 7th. Two girls and one boy.  All puppies have forever homes. 

 Reservation List
 1. Breeder Reserve
 2.Breeder Reserve
 3.O'Hare Family
 4. Mariah Hackett
 5. Isaiah  Beth

Maui and Gallagher had six puppies born December 30, 2020.  All puppies have forever homes. 

Girl at 4 Weeks

Boy at 4 weeks

Girl at 4 Weeks

Reservation List

1. Breeder Reserve (Girl)

2. Breeder Reserve (Boy)

3. Frantz Family

4. Kellee R.

5. Bittner Family


Sunny and Gallagher had a litter of six born on January 6, 2021.  All puppies have forever homes. 

Reservation List

1. Breeder Reserve 

2. Molly Stern

3. Cynthia Mclendon

4. Curt Ryerson

5. Linette Low

6. Donna Mann


We accept 4 to 5 non-refundable deposits per litter and reserve the right to retain puppies for our breeding program at any time.  On rare occasion we may have to use a different male than originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances using a particular stud. Mother Nature participates in all breeding, thus the unforeseen can and does occur.

Upcoming litter arrival dates are estimations based on prior heat cycles. Actual due dates can not be determined until the dogs have been bred.  Sometimes a breeding dog becomes ill or fails to perform. We will work with you to make satisfactory arrangements if these circumstances occur.

Pictures of puppies produced here at Westfields Labradoodles.

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