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Westfields' Doodle Store

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This is the food I feed my puppies until they are one year old. Order here from Hearty Pet and have it auto- shipped for the lowest price. 


This is a great feeding station that I use for my dogs.


Your pup will need a crate.  A crate is like its bedroom.  A 36 inch crate with a divider will be perfect and will continue to accomadate your pup as it grows. 


These are the crate liners that I use and recommend.

crate liner.jpg

Labradoodles need lots of brushing.  This is the brush I use.

pin brush.jpg

My dogs love these everlasting treats.  You'll need a small one for when they are puppies and a large or medium one when they get older.


My dogs love these deer antlers.  They are long lasting and keep them occupied for hours.


When your pup is older and has adult teeth these are a great treat.  My dogs get these after their morning walks.


When it comes to cleaning up the yard this is what we use.  It's easier to use and clean than the traditional claw scoopers.  It is also more durable and lasts longer.


My absolute favorite shampoo for my pups. It is made with emu oil and is great for their skin and coat. You'll wonder why my pups smell so good on pick up day. This is why.  It is super concentrated and a bottle lasts me about a year.

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