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Do you love your new pet?  Share your story with us .

"This was my first time purchasing a puppy, and the experience has been wonderful. ...  You deserve a 5 star review."  Mariah H. Mom to Harlem

"We visited the vet...She confirmed what we knew already, that Blue is a beautiful, intelligent and very healthy puppy.  He was very well handled and taken care of by you."

Josefina R.  Mom to Blue





"I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work you put into these puppies before we got them, namely with crate training.  That was huge!  I know many people who get pups and have to start from square one.  What you did was an amazing gift, so thank you!"

Stacy I.  Mom to Penny


"She's amazing!  We rave about you to everyone!  We let her cuddle with us before bed in our bed and then put her in the crate and not a peep!  She's so great!  She got a great start from a great breeder."
Vera Mom to Mellie


"She is a bundle of joy.  Keep on doing what you do because your fur babies ARE THE BEST... smart, sweet, spunky and GOOD LOOKIN'

Lisa, Mom to Tula


Tula patiently waiting for Mom to come home. Picture by @ldrance

Tula picture by @ldrance

We got our puppy from Westfields and we couldn't be happier!  Yolanda was amazing from the get go,we got videos and pictures of the puppies daily.  Our dog is one year old now and Yolanda is still helping us anytime we have questions about our dog.  We would never go anywhere else to get another puppy, she is the best and so are her pups!
Jonathan & Ines parents to Kodiak from Sunny and Gallagher.

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