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Our Stud Muffins


Before we added any boys to our program my sons would often ask for a boy dog.  One morning when my youngest was 5 years old he excitedly told me that he had a dream that we got a boy who was brown with white spots.  I kind of laughed and said maybe one day.  Well, one day came sooner than I thought when we were fortunate enough to add Gallagher to our program from Classic City Labradoodles in Georgia.  And boy is he a dream come true!  From the day he arrived at our home he became the life of the party.  He is always up for a good game of tug of war and a long scratch behind the ears after that.  He gives excellent bear hugs and enjoys long walks.  In the warmer weather he hides from the sun and lays on top of the air vent in the kitchen.  It's hard to believe he was born in Georgia!  Gallagher was the perfect addition to our growing brood and is available for stud services.  He has been fully health tested, carries for all colors including parti, tri color and black and is a proven stud who produces absolutely gorgeous pups!

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